What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday - Friday from 8am to 6pm, Saturday by appointment and closed Sundays. If needed, we can also be available before 8am and after 6pm for pickups and returns. Please schedule off hour appointments via phone/text at (662) 736-8837 or email [email protected]

Where is UFP Rentals located?

All pick ups and returns are at:

413 E 620 S #3
American Fork, UT 84003

For easy loading and unloading, back your vehicle up to the large door at the front of the building.

What is a one day rental period?

We only charge for filming days. For example, equipment is picked up Monday afternoon/night for a shoot starting at 6 AM Tuesday morning and then the equipment is returned Wednesday morning. You are only charged for one filming day (Tuesday).

How do I pick up and return my rental?

Once you've submitted a request through our website and it has been approved then equipment can be picked up. For best service, schedule an appointment time by texting (662) 736-8837 or emailing us at [email protected]. We are available during normal business hours for pickups and returns and can also be available by appointment only before or after our regular business hours. For last minute or same day requests please call ahead to ensure we have the equipment available.

Do you require insurance?

We understand that most of our clients do not have production insurance and can’t afford the cost of insurance. If you don’t have insurance, our rental policy is "you break it, you pay for it". (damages are fairly uncommon and usually minor) You may be required to provide insurance depending on the cost of the equipment that is being rented, but generally no insurance is required.

Do you offer lower rates for multi-day rentals?

Yes! The longer you rent the lower the day rate. Discounts begin on the 2nd day of your rental. A week long rental is equivalent to three full day rates and a month long rental is equivalent to nine full day rates. Every 6th day is free!

Days Save Example
1 0% $100
2 10% $180
3 20% $240
4 30% $280
5 40% $300
6 50% $300
7 57% $300
' Multi-week rentals also give you better rates. Starting week two you pay for 0.5x day rate for each rental day. This makes the 2nd week rental a rate of 2.5 days. Week three is charge at 0.4x day rate for a week long rate of 2 days. Week four is charged at 0.3x day rate for a week long rate of 1.5 days. The rate then drops to a 0.2x day rate for additional days beyond 4 weeks.

Do you have special rates for weekend rentals?

No. We charge for the days equipment is used. We don't have regular business hours like most rental houses and allow filmmakers to pick up and drop off when it's convenient for them, even on the weekends.

Help! I’m stuck on set and a piece of equipment has stopped working! What do I do?

CALL US! Most issues can be solved over the phone. If not, we will do our best to replace the item or find a solution that is agreeable to both parties. Do not wait until you are dropping off the equipment to notify us of the issue or you may be charged for damages.

Do you have special rates for students?

Yes! We offer a 20% discount to students (with valid student ID) for student productions. These can be personal projects or school sponsored projects. Students working on commercial projects are not eligible for this discount.

I’m traveling for this shoot. Do I need to pay for travel days? Can I take the gear out of Utah?

We don’t charge for travel days. Yes, you can take our gear out of Utah. We have some lighting kits that work great for taking on airplanes. However, if gear is damaged in transit you will be charged for the damage. Most damages to gear happen during transit so please take extra precautions when traveling.

Do you deliver?

We can pickup and deliver equipment to your location. The following fees will apply:

Trailer Pickup/Delivery: $15 + $1 per mile*
No Trailer Pickup/Delivery: $10 + $1 per mile* (equipment must fit in the back of a pickup truck to apply)

*Per mile fees are calculated from our location to your drop off or pickup location.

Do you ship equipment?


How do I claim tax exemption?

Non-profit organizations and schools are tax exempt and we are happy to remove tax from your orders. Utah also allows Film, Television and Video production companies to rent film equipment tax free. You can submit a tax exempt form by filling out a form TC-721 http://tax.utah.gov/forms/current/tc-721.pdf and sending that to us via email [email protected] or mail. A new tax exempt form will need to be submitted each year to maintain a tax exempt status.

Credit Card Authorization Form

If you would like us to keep a credit/debit card on file to pay for your rentals you can fill out and return the following form: Credit Card Authorization Form. Forms may be emailed, delivered in person or sent using a secure 3rd party system. We do not have a fax machine. If you are unable to send the form using these methods you can fill out the form with all information EXCEPT the credit card number. Email the form to us and then call and give us the credit card number over the phone.

I'm shooting with LED lights and they appear to be flickering when only shooting 24 FPS. What's going on?

If your eyes can see a visible flicker in the light, then something is bad with the light. Flickering on camera is often more to do with the camera settings than the light. When shooting digital, shutter speed matters more than frame rate. Many of our LED lights are flicker free up to or past 1,000 FPS. We have found that shooting at a 180 degree shutter can help to remove flickering. Adjust your shutter speed and see if that makes a difference. We've found that a 1/60 of a second shutter speed is usually safe, but may vary.