Hire a Crew

Not sure what equipment you need for your shoot? Don't have a grip & lighting crew or not sure where to find one? We can handle all of that for you! We will provide
  1. A gaffer, key grip, best boys and G&E crew (# depends on the size of the project)
  2. Grip & lighting equipment
    • HMI, LED, Tungsten, Fluorescent Lights
    • Stands, Hardware, Overheads etc
  3. Camera support equipment
    • Sliders
    • Dollies
    • Jibs
    • Car Mounts
Additionally we can provide or source cameras, audio equipment and help you find additional crew members.

Our Work

Check out some of our past projects below!

Zerorez - You'll Never Use Soap To Clean Your Carpets Again

MileIQ - The Smart Mileage Tracking App

Saline Soothers - Nose Wipes

Gametime- Mobile Ticketing App

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