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Rosco V-Hazer

Day Rate: $50.00
Quantity Stocked: 1

Create atmosphere with this V-Hazer fog machine. Adds texture to lighting. High performance water-based haze juice is included.

Average haze fluid consumption per day is 1/5 gallon (included in price). An additional fee may be incurred for large amounts of consumption.
Note for longer rentals (multi-day): V-Haze fluid beyond the included 4 liter capacity of the machine is not included in the rental price. Additional fluid can be purchased. Rosco V-Hazer Fog Fluid

Power Consumption900 Watts
Heat Time7 - 10 Minutes
Tank Capacity4 Liters (1.05 Gallons)
Fluid Consumption15 ml/min (0.9 liter / hour) @ full output