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Teradek Bolt 1000 XT Wireless Video System

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With the Teradek Bolt 1000 XT 3G-SDI/HDMI Wireless Transmitter/Receiver you can transmit and receive visually lossless 3G video signals to a Bolt 1000 receiver with zero latency. The Bolt XT is compatible with existing 3rd-generation Bolt systems, such as the Bolt 1000, Sidekick II, and 703 Bolt, as well as the Bolt 1000 LT. The included antennas provide a powerful signal that can travel up to 1000' line-of-sight. Both DSMC2 (back mounted) and Traditional Transmitters are available for a limited time.

1x Bolt 1000 Transmitter
1x Bolt 1000 Receiver
1x Bolt 1000 Panel Array
SDI Cables, Antennas and additional accessories
1x Case
Image Resolution1080p60
Frequency Band5.1 - 5.9 GHz
Latency< 1 ms