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MIA Robot Arm

Day Rate: $5,000.00
Quantity Stocked: 1

Call to setup your rental of this amazing robot arm! Perfect for product photography and visual effects shots. Rent our Phantom VEO 4K and shoot at 1000fps!

For more information see the Motorized Precision website.

Price includes (2) operators.

1x MIA Robot Arm w/Mobile Base
1x Control Box
1x Computer Control System
2x Operators
Vertical/Horizontal Max Move Speed3 m/s
Mia Pan Max Speed300 degrees/second
Mia Upper/Lower Lift Max Speed225 degrees/second
Camera Roll Max Speed381 degrees/second
Camera Tilt Max Speed311 degrees/second
Camera Pan Max Speed492 degrees/second
Maximum Height6.5'
Lowest Position0'
Maximum Reach3.8'
Max Camera Payload24 lbs
Base Size2' x 2'