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Menace Arm 1 1/4" Kit

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Hang your light directly above your actors while keeping your stands out of the shot. This kit can be mounted to any length of 1 1/4" speed rail. Also known as a pipe boom kit.

1 1/4" Pipe NOT included.

1x Center Head Grip Head Lollipop
1x Ear for 1 1/4" Speed Rail
1x Baby 5/8" Stud Mount
1x Junior 1 1/8" Receiver Mount
1x Coupling for 1 1/4" Pipe
1x Slider with Baby Pin for 1 1/4" Pipe
1x Slider with Junior Receiver for 1 1/4" Pipe
2x Ratchet Strap
1x 3/16" Allen Wrench
1x Milke Crate