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ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal 750 W 19 Degree Lens

Day Rate: $15.00
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We have a variety of different patterned gobos and glass gobos if needed.

1x 750W 19° Lens Spot Light
1x Iris
1x Gel Holder
4x Precut CTB Gels (Full, Half, Quarter, Eighth)
2x Double Scrim
1x Single Scrim
1x Double Half Scrim
1x Single Half Scrim
1x Gobo Holder (Metal, Pattern)
1x Gobo Holder (Glass) (if requested, glass gobos available)
5x Metal Gobos (Venetian Blinds, Double Hung Window, Scattered Light, Leaf Breakup Small, Leaf Breakup Large)
Output750 Watts
Color Temperature3200 K
Stand MountBaby Pin