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Honda 3000 W Generator

Day Rate: $60.00
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Runs off standard unleaded gasoline.
Includes a 5 gallon gas can (pre-filled). Generator and gas can must be topped off prior to returning or a fee will be charged.
Also includes wheels and handles (not shown in image).

1x 3000W Generator
1x Twist-lock to Edison Adapter
1x Electric Start Key
1x 5 Gallon Gas Can
Peak Output 3000 Watts
Running Output 2800 Watts
Output Voltage 120
Circuits 1 @ 20 Amps (2 edison plugs)
1 @ 23.3 Amps (Twist-lock plug, adapter included)
Eco Throttle Yes
Operating Volume 58 dB
Fuel Capacity 3.4 gallons
Full Load Fuel Consumption 0.5 gallons per hour
Run time at full load 7 hours per tank
Run time at 50% load 10 hours per tank