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EZ-Jib Extension Kit

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If the 4' arm of the EZ-Jib isn't enough, this extension kit will give you the extra length you need. Extend your jib to 7.5' or 11'. Includes the EZ FX handle to control your camera's pan and tilt while operating on the EZ-Jib. This control arm mounts to any fluid head and gives you 300 degrees of pan and 125 degrees of tilt control. EZ FX Handle

When using the extension kit, the EZ-Jib MUST be mounted to the EZ-Jib Pedestal. The heavy duty column includes support arms for each of the three legs and is adjustable in height. A tow cable can be attached to any of the legs for easy movement.

1x 3.5' Extension Arm
1x 4' Extension Arm
1x Support Cable (3 pieces)
1x Suspension Bracket
1x Weight Bar Extender
1x EZ FX Pedestal (wheeled)
1x Tow Cable for Pedestal
4x 10 lb Weights
1x EZ FX Handle Set