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Scorpion LED 2 Light Kit

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The Scorpion light, by Blind Spot Gear, is a small, light and versatile light. This kit comes with two fully dimmable daylight balanced LED lights. Each light runs off of standard NP-F batteries (included) and can be mounted just about anywhere. The 17.7" long flexible gooseneck makes them perfect for placing in tight locations or hiding off screen.

2x Scorpion Daylight LED Light
4x NP-F550 Lithium-Ion Battery
2x Battery Clip/Sled
2x Battery Cable
1x Battery Charger
1x Hot Shoe Mount
2x 1/4"-20 Adapter
1x Magnet Set for Attaching Gels
2x Super Clamps
1x Carrying Case

1x Rosco Gel Set for Scorpion LED Light
Full Blue (CTB)
Half Blue (1/2 CTB)
Roscosun (CTO)
Roscosun (1/2 CTO)
Tough Frost
Light Tough Frost
Vittorio Storaro Red
Vittorio Storaro Yellow
Vittorio Storaro Cyan
Vittorio Storaro Magenta
Output75 Watt Halogen Equivalent
Power Consumption15 W
Runtime (Battery Powered)90 min at 100%
Color Temperature5,700 K
Dimming0 - 100%