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K5600 Joker-Bug 800W HMI Light

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The Joker-Bug Light has a set of 4 lenses for different light dispersement HMI. The ballast includes a high speed setting for shooting at high frame rates. Two beakers are available, the clear and frosted. Use the clear beaker to get the highest light output and the frosted beaker when light quality is most important.

1x Joker-Bug 800W Lamp Head
1x Beamer PAR Reflector for 800W
1x 25' Head Feeder Cable
1x 800 W Electronic Ballast (high speed)
2x Double Scrim
1x Single Scrim
1x Double Half Scrim
1x Single Half Scrim
1x Barndoors
1x Fresnel Lens
1x Medium Lens
1x Wide Lens
1x Super Wide (Stipple) Lens
1x Clear Beaker
1x Frosted Beaker
1x Spare 800W HMI Bulb
1x Carrying Case
Output800 Watts
Color Temperature5,600 K
Stand MountBaby Pin