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Hive Wasp 100-C LED Light

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The Wasp 100-C LED Light is the first Omni Color LED light. It's Omni because instead of using RGBW, it uses Red, Amber, Lime, Cyan, and Sapphire. This yields a more full spectrum color quantity. With its 650 W equivalent output with a 98 CRI, it's definitely a must have lighting instrument. You can even control the light from your iPhone.
Now available with V Mount Battery Plates!

1x Wasp 100-C with 22° Reflector
1x Power Supply
1x Power Cord
1x Head Feeder
1x V Mount Battery Plate with D-Tap Connector
1x Medium, Wide and Super Wide Lens w/Case
1x Barn Doors
1x Power Supply Mounting Bracket
1x Hard Case
Equivalent Output650 W
Color Temperature1650 to 8000K
Full Color Control (Hue / Saturation)
Dimming0% - 100%
Stand MountBaby Pin