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Arri Skypanel S60-C Color LED Space Light

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Loaded with Firmware 4.0. Check out all the features at Skypanel Effects
Arri's line of RGBW lights allow you to precisely dial in any color temperature from 2,800 - 10,000K. Adjust the plus and minus green to match existing lights. Change the color selection mode to dial in any color hue and saturation, including red, green, blue, etc.
For more information see Arri's info page:
Arri S60-C

1x Arri S60-C Light
1x Space Light Skirt
1x Space Light Target
1x Space Light Mounting Bracket
1x Light Diffusion Frame
1x Medium Diffusion Frame
1x Heavy Diffusion Frame
1x Ballast
1x Head Feeder Cable
1x Power Cord
1x Ballast Mounting Bracket
1x Center Mount Yoke
1x Carrying Case
Power Consumption420 W
Output> 1000 Watt Soft Light Equivalent
Color Temperature2,800 - 10,000 K Variable
HSL Mode and full Minus Green to Plus Green Control
Dimming0% - 100%
Stand MountJunior Pin