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Phantom VEO 4K Camera

Day Rate: $2,100.00
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Price includes a camera tech to operate the Phantom. Phantom's new VEO 4K high-speed cameras are compact, rugged and packed full of features. It's small form factor allows for easy gimbal operation or camera rigging. At its full 4096 x 2304 resolution the VEO 4K is capable of capturing up to 938 frames per second (fps), or 1000 fps at 4096x 2160. A reduction of vertical resolution will further increase the speed. The sensor can operate in global shutter (standard) or rolling shutter mode for increased dynamic range and to eliminate the need for black references. With the maximum RAM configuration of 72 GB, at 1000 fps the VEO4K-990 provides more than 5 seconds of record time.

1x Camera Tech
1x Phantom VEO 4K
1x PL or EF Mount
3x 256GB CF Card
1x CF Card Reader
2x 150wh V-Mount Batteries
1x V-Mount Battery Charger
1x SmallHD 702 Bright Monitor
1x Cameo Essential Mounting Kit w/ Side Grip & Trigger
1x DoveTail
2x 15mm Rod
1x Pelican Case
Resolution4K 4096 x 2304
Max Frames per Second938 at 4096x2304
1000 at 4096x2160