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RED Epic-W 8K Helium Camera

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With the EPIC-W, RED brings the EPIC name back to the forefront, featuring their HELIUM 8K Super-35 sensor. While other RED cameras use sensors larger than Super 35, the HELIUM is unique in that it allows for high-resolution 8K recording while using classic cinema lenses designed for the Super-35 film format. While 8K exhibition is not mainstream, the extra recorded resolution is helpful for VFX artists and for future-proofing your productions for a time when 8K is standardized.

1x RED Epic-W 8K Helium Body
1x DSMC Canon EF Mount (aluminum)
1x DSMC2 Trigger Handle
1x DSMC2 Base I/O V-Lock Expander
1x DSMC RED Touch Monitor 4.7" LCD
1x LCD Sun Shade
1x RED Male Pogo to Female Pogo LCD/EVF Cable
1x Tooless LCD/EVF Adapter
1x DSMC AC Power Adapter
2x RED Mini-Mag 512GB SSD Card
1x RED Station - Mini-Mag Reader
2x RED Brick 153Wh V-Mount Battery
1x RED V-Mount Battery Charger
1x Pelican 1510 Case
Resolution 8K 8192 x 4320
Max Frames per Second 30 fps @ 8K
300 fps @ 2K
Dynamic Range 16.5 stops
Weight 3.4 lb