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K5600 Joleko 400W HMI Light

Item Rate (Per Day): $105.00
Package Rate (Per Day): $105.00
Quantity Stocked: 1

Use your Joker 400W HMI as a spot light. Please specify in the notes which lens you would like, or decide when you pick up.

1x Joker-Bug 400W Lamp Head
1x Joker 400 Bug-A-Beam Adapter
1x Source 4 Lens (19, 26, 36 or 50 degree)
1x Beamer PAR Reflector for 400W
1x 25' Head Feeder Cable
1x 400 W Electronic Ballast (high speed)
2x Double Scrim
1x Single Scrim
1x Double Half Scrim
1x Single Half Scrim
1x Barndoors
1x Fresnel Lens
1x Medium Lens
1x Wide Lens
1x Super Wide (Stipple) Lens
1x Speed Ring for Chimera
1x Video Pro Plus Softbox Chimera - Extra Small - 16"x22"
1x Silk Diffusion for Chimera
1x 1/2 Grid Diffusion for Chimera
1x 1/4 Grid Diffusion for Chimera
1x Baffle Diffusion for Chimera
1x Clear Beaker
1x Frosted Beaker
1x Spare 400W HMI Bulb
1x Carrying Case
1x Iris
1x Gel Holder
1x Gobo Holder (Metal, Pattern)
1x Gobo Holder (Glass)
Glass and metal patterned gobos available by request
Output400 Watts
Equivalent Output1500 - 2000 Watt Quartz Fixture
Color Temperature5,600 K
Stand MountBaby Pin