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eMotimo Spectrum 4 Dana Dolly Integration Kit

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Package Rate (Per Day): $100.00
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This kit will allow you to add motion control to your Dana Dolly. This is a 4-axis system that can handle cameras up to 15lbs. You can pan, tilt, dolly and control focus. The motion control is accurate and repeatable, perfect for any VFX work.
The included belt is long enough to give you almost 10' of movement!
Includes two V-Mount Batteries

For a good how to video, check out eMotimo ST4 and Dana Dolly Motion Control (jump to 4:55 for the eMotimo setup).

1x Spectrum ST4 4-axis motion control unit
1x Wireless PS4 controller
1x Dana Dolly Integration kit and motor
1x Heavy Duty L-bracket (camera / Fz motor mounting)
1x eMotimo Fz (focus) Motor
1x uSD Card/Instructions/Spare dongle
1x Quick Release Clamp for spectrum mounting to Dana Dolly
1x Power supply
3x Camera trigger cables for most Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras
1x SKB Hard case

2x IDX V-Mount Battery
1x IDX V-Mount Battery Charger
1x Pelican Case for Batteries