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CineGears Wireless Follow Focus System

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More reliable than the Red Rock Micro and BarTech, this wireless follow focus system will not let you down. It's easy to use with the instructions printed right on the back of the controller. The high torque motor gives you the ability to use a variety of different sized lenses.
An adjustable gear ring is included for use with non-cinema lenses.

1x Cinegears Hand Controller
1x Cinegears Rocker Thumb Controller
1x Cinegears Motor
1x D-Tap to Motor Power Cable
1x Red Volt to Motor Power Cable
1x USB Cable
1x USB Power Supply
2x Marking Discs
1x Adjustable Focus Ring Gear
1x Flat Head Screwdriver
1x Side Bracket for Controllers
4x Plastic Gears (Pitches 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0)
1x Metal Gear (Pitch 0.8)
1x Rod Reducing Sheave
3x Rod Mounts
1x Lanyard
1x Hard Case