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Honda 2200 W Generator

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Runs off standard unleaded gasoline.
Includes a 2.2 gallon gas can (pre-filled). Generator and gas can must be topped off prior to returning or a fee will be charged.
This generator can be used to run a single Joker 1600W light.

1x 2200W Generator
1x 2.2 Gallon Gas Can
Peak Output 2200 Watts
Running Output 1800 Watts
Output Voltage 120
Circuits 1 @ 15 Amps (2 edison plugs)
Eco Throttle Yes
Operating Volume 59 dB
Fuel Capacity .95 gallons
Full Load Fuel Consumption 0.3 gallons per hour
Run time at full load 3.2 hours per tank
Run time at 25% load 8.1 hours per tank