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RED Gemini 5K Camera with Tilta Cage

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Bundling high performance raw video recording in a compact camera body, the RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC2 BRAIN with GEMINI 5K S35 Sensor is part of the 2018 unified DSMC2 lineup and is designed to be built up the way you want, to tell your story in almost any way possible. Since the DSMC2 form factor is standard, accessories from RED and other manufacturers can be easily attached to accessorize your camera. Even though the GEMINI sensor has fewer photosites than its HELIUM and MONSTRO brethren, it has a cool trick up its sleeve. Using advanced circuitry designed for the aerospace industry, the GEMINI can switch native sensitivities. Practically speaking, it can operate in both normal and dimly lit scenarios without prematurely blown highlights or excessive noise, respectively. Nearly limitless lens options are available for the DSMC2 system. While this camera requires a separately available lens mount, DSMC lens mounts themselves are offered in different varieties for compatibility with a wide array of lens systems.

1x RED Gemini 5K S35 Camera
2x 480GB Red Mags
1x Low Light OLPF
1x Skin Tone OLPF
1x Standard OLPF
1x RED Mini Mag Reader
1x Tilta 5" Standard LW 15mm Dovetail Plate
1x EF or PL mount
1x RED 5" Touch Monitor
2x RED Brick V-Mount Batteries
1x Simultaneous V-Mount Battery Charger

Tilta RED Cage B1:
1x Top handle with power pass through and Run/Stop button
1x Top handle power connection module
2x14.8V 3-pin Fischer outputs
1x 14.8V 2-pin Lemo output
1x Top plate
2x 14.8V 3-pin Fischer outputs
1x 14.8V 2-pin Lemo output
1x Genlock port
1x Timecode port
1x Trigger port
1x Front switch to turn on and off the run/stop feature of the top handle
1x Tilta Advanced I/O Module (available in V-mount or gold mount)
3x HD-SDI outputs
1x HDMI output
2x 14.8V 3-pin Fischer outputs
2x 14.8V 2-pin Lemo outputs
1x P-tap power output
1x 4+2-pin 12V-14.8V Lemo DC power input
1x USB power output
1x CTRL port
2x 3-Pin XLR audio ports (does NOT have phantom power)
1x Stereo headphone output