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Westcott Flex Bi-Color LED Mat 3-Light Kit (1' x 1')

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This is a set of three bi-color flexible, moldable LED panels. Splash and dustproof (IP 64 rated).
These lights can be powered by V-Mount Batteries using the included D-Tap cables.

3x Westcott Flex Bi-Color LED Mat (1' x 1')
3x Travel Stand
3x Frame
2x Soft Box
2x Full Stop Diffuser
2x 1/4 Stop Diffuser
1x 1/4 Stop Grid Cloth
1x 1/2 Stop Grid Cloth
3x Power Supply
3x Power Cord
3x 1' x 1' Flex Bi-Color Dimmer
3x 16’ Dimmer Extension Cable
3x D-Tap Power Cable
3x Universal Stud
3x Dual Socket Magic Arm
3x Dimmer Mounting Bracket
3x X-Bracket Mount
Power Consumption55 W (per light)
Runtime (Battery Powered)14.8V 96Wh Lithium Ion Battery
1.7 hours at 100%
Color Temperature2,800 - 6,000 K Variable
Dimming0% - 100%
CRI95 - 98