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Fisher 10 Dolly

Day Rate: $220.00
Quantity Stocked: 2

The Fisher 10 Dolly is the Cadillac of film dollies. The hydraulic beam is powerful enough to lift the camera and two operators. Includes an assortment of accessories for getting high and low angle shots as well as boards for standing on. For more information on included accessories visit: Fisher 10 Dolly.

All camera mounting platforms are Mitchell bases. A Mitchell to 100mm ball adapter plate is included.

Please Note: A truck or trailer with a lift gate or ramp is required for transporting this dolly. A pickup truck, van etc. will not be allowed as a valid transportation vehicle. UFP can do deliveries/pickups for a fee. If these options are not available, our Fisher 11 Dolly can be transported via truck or van.

1x Model 10 Dolly
1x Multi-Position Level Head
1x Hand Screw
1x Castle Nut Wrench
1x Mitchell Base to 100mm Ball Adapter Plate
1x Large Washer for Ball Adapter Plate
1x Camera Riser, 6"
1x Camera Riser, 12"
1x Camera Offset, 10"
1x Camera Offset, 24"
1x Rotating Offset
1x Quick Change Low-Level Head
1x 90° Angle Plate
2x Front Boards
1x Front Board Bridge
2x High Side Boards (Left and Right)
2x Low Side Boards (Left and Right)
2x Diving Boards (Left and Right)
1x Beam Step Standing Platform
1x Battery Rack
2x Seats (Small and Large)
1x 90° Seat Offset
1x 45° Seat Offset
1x Adjustable Seat Riser
2x Push Posts
1x Knee Bumper
2x Front Pins
2x Allen Wrench
2x Carry Handles
1x Power Cord
1x Operating Instructions
1x Parts Caddie
Lift Capacity500 lb
Length55.5 inches
Width26.5 inches
Height (operating)38.625 inches
Height (folded)25 inches
Vertical Beam Travel46.875 inches
Max Head Height (no risers)62.5 inches
Minimum Turn Radius (round)22 inches
Minimum Turn Radius (conventional)44 inches
Lifts Per System Charge~7
Carrying Weight420 lb
Maximum Weight Capacity1200 lb