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LiteGear LED LiteRibbon 120-X1 24.6" Bi-Color Light

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This is the 120-X1 LiteGear VHO Pro LED LiteRibbon Hybrid. This ribbon is 1 LED wide at a density of 120 LEDs per meter.

Cutting to size: This light ribbon can be cut down to meet your exact needs and we have additional wiring that can be soldered to the cut pieces. Cutting the light ribbon means you buy the whole thing, not just the cut pieces.

1x LiteRibbon Hybrid 24.6"
1x LiteDimmer Hybrid
1x Power Supply
1x Power Cord
1x Hybrid Extension Cable, 12 Feet
1x Power Supply Hanging Bag
Size 24.6" x 0.39"
Color Temperature 3200 K - 5600 K
Power Consumption 12.5W
Number of LEDs 78
Dimming 0% - 100%
CRI 95